Merco – Manchego 6 months (100g)


This famous cheese has been made to strictly limited regional “Denominacion de Origen (D.O)” controls in La Mancha from the milk of the Manchega sheep since the time of the Romans. The sheep graze on the shrubs & grasses of the Dahesa in the La Mancha region producing the thick, aromatic milk that gives Manchego its character. The cheese is now produced in large modern co-operatives but pasteurisation hasn’t markedly altered the flavour. To qualify for the famous Man-chego label, the cheese must be firm & dry, yet rich & creamy. The distinctive pat-tern on the waxed rind (originally the result of encircling the curd with a plaited band of esparto grass) must be visible & the colour of the wax denotes the age. Up to 3 month old Manchego is called curado and over 3 month old is called viego. The interior of the cheeses should be ivory in colour with small, irregular holes. The complexity of the flavour will depend on the age, but there should be “a richness, reminiscent of Brazil nuts & burnt caramel with a slightly salty finish. The aroma should suggest lanolin & roast lamb”. The aged Manchego (viego) develops a more intense flavour and can also develop a peppery bite.